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Human Rights Research and Advocacy Consortium


Human Rights Research and Advocacy Consortium (HRRAC) is a reputable non-profit organization dedicated to promoting human rights, social justice, and sustainable development in conflict-affected regions. Founded in 2006, HRRAC has been actively involved in advocating for the rights of marginalized communities, particularly women and minority groups, in Afghanistan.

HRRAC has a robust organizational structure comprising dedicated staff members with expertise in human rights research, advocacy, capacity building, and project management. The organization's leadership team brings together individuals with diverse backgrounds and extensive experience in working on issues related to conflict resolution, peacebuilding, gender equality, and community development.

Over the years, HRRAC has built strong partnerships with local stakeholders, including government entities, civil society organizations, community leaders, and international donors. These partnerships have been instrumental in facilitating HRRAC's access to communities and resources, as well as in enhancing the impact and sustainability of its projects.

HRRAC has a proven track record of implementing successful projects in Afghanistan, with a particular focus on promoting human rights, social cohesion, and sustainable peace. HRRAC engages local stakeholders in identifying and addressing pressing issues all over Afghanistan. This enables community members, government officials, civil society organizations, and other key actors to collaborate, share insights, and develop innovative solutions tailored to the unique challenges faced by Afghan communities.

HRRAC has gained valuable insights and identified best practices that inform the design and implementation of its interventions.

HRRAC possesses the requisite organizational capacity to implement projects effectively. The organization's dedicated team of professionals brings together a diverse range of skills and expertise, including research, advocacy, project management, and community engagement.

HRRAC's extensive experience in working in conflict-affected environments, coupled with its deep understanding of the local context in Afghanistan, positions it as a trusted partner for delivering sustainable development solutions. HRRAC’s proven track record of successfully implementing projects, coupled with its strong partnerships with local stakeholders, ensures that its projects are implemented with efficiency, accountability, and impact.


  1. Mission  

The mission of HRRAC is to promote and protect the fundamental rights, liberties, and economic well-being of all Afghans, with a particular focus on vulnerable groups facing human rights violations and barriers to essential services. We pursue this mission through the advocacy and implementation of equitable policies and practices, conducting in-depth research, and empowering individuals through the dissemination of knowledge.  

  1. Vision   

"HRRAC envisions a just, equitable, and peaceful Afghanistan, where the fundamental human rights of all individuals are upheld and safeguarded, ensuring equitable development and democratic freedom for every citizen." 

  1. Strategic Aims  

HRRAC’s strategically aims to raise the voice of Afghans, based on community conversations, to ensure that communities have access to basic social services, and policy makers and leaders hear Afghans concerns, hopes and to protect their basic rights.  

Hamidullah Khairandesh Chairman
Ahmad Shah Momin Board Member
Azeemullah Baheer Board Member
Shekeba Safi ‌Board Member
Farida Alamyar Board Member
Raz Mohammad Raz Board Member