Emergency Response and Humanitarian Assistance

The humanitarian aid provided by HRRAC is designed to confront Afghanistan's ongoing conflict and the country's current political, social, and economic circumstances, which is expected to get much worse after August 15, 2021. HRRAC has met the requirements of the Afghanistan Humanitarian Fund and is one of the few qualified national NGO's, eligible of AHF funding. HRRAC carries out its operations in the most perilous and dangerous regions of the nation. As a research-based organization that provides advocacy and aid, HRRAC bases its response to catastrophes on routine assessments of the situation on the ground. The projects of HRRAC are in line with all the strategic goals of the AHF allocation, which include preserving the lives of those in need in Afghanistan's most precarious areas.

HRRAC designs and executes initiatives using a community-based approach. Target groups are involved in every stage and step of the project, including impact assessment and monitoring. This method increases project sustainability and efficacy while fostering a strong sense of ownership.  The planned activities take into account the priorities of the target group and respect cultural sensitivity, which strengthens the benefits even more. Men, women, and other marginalized groups are all equally involved in HRRAC's projects and emergency plan.