Education: Basic Literacy, Basic ICT

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Education sector is one of the core areas of HRRAC to work in at local and national level.  HRRAC believes that women empowerment is only possible when we educate them formally and informally. HRRAC is implementing a nation-wide program of Basic Literacy for Women and Girls in Rural Afghanistan. The aim of this program is literate illiterate women in rural areas and to enable them to effectively take decisions in their daily lives. Based on HRRAC’s experience in the educations sector in Khost, there is a dire need to act locally to curb corruption systematically. Thus, it is relevant to target schools and communities in order to get lasting and sustainable results at local, provincial and ultimately national level. HRRAC is the pioneer of public school support fund and has established funds in ten community schools in Khost province.

We work with local communities and school management on the training and implementation of community scorecard and social audit. This has yielded positive results on the efficiency and quality of services.